Trisha de Borchgrave is an artist who was lucky enough to be brought up on a Mediterranean island where fresh, seasonal produce, and a deep connection to what the land provides, was a way of life. Now living in London, this way of life remains the source of true inspiration in her paintings and how she views the world we seek to have.


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Photographs for Recipes by Stuart Pearce

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Recommended reading:

Global Warring by Cleo Paskal - an essential read about the future of our lives on this planet and about what contributing environmental factors will lead to an unprecedented global instability that our present-day infrastructure cannot cope with; everything from the positioning of our cities, nuclear plants, gas lines, military, and agricultural output will be detrimentally affected if we don’t start planning politically now, for the long term.

The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan - an enjoyable education on why and how we must thrive again through our relationship with food and its production

In Defence of Food by Michael Pollan -  a genuinely understandable account of how we’ve been hoodwinked into becoming more unhealthy than ever in how we eat

Ecological Intelligence by Daniel Coleman - a succinct and logical way to understand the priorities of our world because they are the same as our own

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Art Sites and Sites of Interest: - a great way to get rid of unwanted items and pick up items of interest, recycling in the best possible way. - artwork by Donna Lomangino, Washington DC resident